Review: Adventure Bible Handbook

Adventure Bible HandbookThe Adventure Bible Handbook was a big hit with my children. I had them read the book first since they were the target audience. My eldest daughter (13) breezed through it in a couple of hours and asked if there was a sequel. Definitely cool.  My younger daughter (10), who isn’t as avid a reader as her big sister also enjoyed the book. She said that having the characters work through the scriptures made it easier for her to understand. She also enjoyed the comic book aspect of the book. [Read more…]

Rags and the Safe Glow Collar

Rags and the Safe Glow CollarThis is Rags. He’s our rescue schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle mix) wearing The Safe Glow dog collar.  And this is definitely the right collar for him!  Rags has a compelling need to put himself in dangerous situations. And since he isn’t bigger than a minute (one of our cats is bigger than he is!) and black some of his antics have been heart-stopping adventures.

Rags was delivered to the animal shelter after being found on a busy country road. His owners either dropped him or he ran away and they couldn’t be bothered to look for him.  Unfortunately his fascination with the road didn’t end when he came to live with us.

In the beginning, he spent every opportunity trying to sneak out of the house so that he can run down the road. Rags likes to run into cars — not chase them, but go head-to-head with them. That’s nerve-wracking enough in the daytime, but at night it’s torture because, obviously, he is difficult to be seen and has had a few close calls before we started working on his need to bolt through open doors.

Rags is much better now, but I still worry about the little guy being visible to cars on the road when we take late night walks.  So when I was contacted about doing a review on The Safe Glow dog collar I was more than happy to oblige.

The Safe Glow Experience

The collar arrived without any instructions, but how many instructions do you need to put a collar on a dog, right? What I found to be very interesting when the collar arrived is that  instead of having some glow-in-the-dark colors painted on the collar, it actually “houses a flexible, light-transmitting polymer core that illuminates” when the collar is turned on.

To be honest, I discovered the lighting function on the Safe Glow Collar purely by accident — my son was playing with the collar and turned it on. According to the manufacturer’s description the collar is powered by a super-efficient (100,000 hour) LED bulb.  The bulb is powered by the long-life lithium batteries that you can pick up pretty much anywhere. The Safe Glow Collar are three settings for it: fast blink and slow blink and steady. If you don’t want to turn the lighting system on, there is a reflective stripe adds additional safety by reflecting a car’s headlights to alert the driver that there’s someone moving about out there.

A Hidden Perk of The Safe Glow Collar

The Safe Glow Collar with Rags on the Leash

Aside from all the lighting features (which are great) what I love best about this collar is that it remains stationary at all times. My pet peeve with walking the dogs is that the leash ends up under their body.  Then I have to stop and fix it — over and over again. But the Safe Glow collar always remains where you place it. It has passed the arduous test of Rags doing his head shaking, ear flapping routine as well as his credible imitation of a kangaroo.  If I place the leash ring behind his head it stays there despite the fact that the collar is a little too large for his neck. Just awesome!

The Safe Glow dog collar works very well for me and has replaced his previous collar.  The collar is made of  wear-resistant nylon and has the feel of cloth. It’s not scratchy or irritating to his skin. The Safe Glow collar costs $29.95 and affords me with peace of mind knowing that Rags can be spotted if he is ever out on the road at night.


Tiny Planets Calling … Mommy Bloggers

Bing and Bong of Tiny Planets would like to invite Mommy Bloggers to review their fantastic new site for kids aged 6-12. It has a science and space exploration focus along with deep educational roots.  Tiny Planets  has free lesson plans, activities and books for parents to do with their preschool kids.  It has a virtual world, games,science facts and experiments, safe social interactions and lots of family fun for older children as well.

And best of all we’re giving the first 10 reviewers who respond complimentary Bing & Bong key chains for your kids (or yourself — we won’t tell!)

If you are interested in reviewing Tiny Planets (or have any questions) please send an email to Thanks!

Jack Cards – Greeting Cards for Busy People

I was asked to review Jack Cards sometime ago and I finally had an opportunity to use my free credit for one card (the one pictured here) when my niece Lela was born. I went to their website ( and signed up for their free membership. Getting the free membership is important because without it you’ll miss out on all the benefits such as a personal planner that lets you keep track of contacts, events, scheduled cards, cards that have already been delivered, a compilation of your favorite cards and more.

One of the things that is becoming more important to me is that Jack Cards is that they’re an environmentally friendly company. Most of their cards are made of recycled materials. For that reason alone I would encourage you to take a look at their stock and see if there’s anything that suits your style and personality. [Read more…]

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