Test Your Biology Knowledge & Win a New Computer!

I just got this email in the mail and I thought it might be a great way for a biology whiz to get a free laptop. The rules are very specific so check your entries twice to make sure that you don’t get disqualified on a technicality. Here are the details:

Contest – Dell 15 Inch Laptop Computer

This contest is open to all homeschooling families subscribed to this newsletter – if you have homeschooling friends who would like to subscribe and participate in this contest, please forward this message to them. They can subscribe here:


One person will win this laptop. Here’s how to enter: (Hint: be careful 🙂

  1. Go to this page http://www.homeschoolscienceacademy.com/OnlineClasses.htm Find the first word (key word #1) after the “creek photo” that ends with the same letter as the first letter of the name for the first section of the small intestine.
  2. The third letter of the fourth word after key word #1 is the first letter of a bone (bone #1) whose fifth and sixth letters are “ib”.
  3. Bone #1 is superior to a bone (bone #2) whose second and third letters are “ib” and this bone (bone #2) is anterior to a muscle whose second letter is “a”.
  4. The first letter of bone #2 is the first letter in the name of a muscle (muscle #1) that is proximal to the Brachioradialis.
  5. What is the name of muscle #1? (once you determine what this muscle name is, please keep it to yourself) 🙂
  6. At exactly 9:37 pm eastern time on Tuesday, August 31, send email to:
  • Email: Greg@LandryScience.com
  • Subject line should be: “Laptop Contest”
  • In the body of the message:

=> your name, age, state, and telephone number
=> what’s the name of muscle #1 from above?
=> state that you are in a homeschooling family

  • Please email us ONE time only
  • Students, please get your parents permission before emailing us.
  • The person whose email we receive closest to exactly 9:37 pm eastern time on Tuesday, August 31, who has included the correct “muscle #1 name”, will win the laptop.

We’ll notify the winner via email or phone. 🙂 Have fun!

14 Days of Homeschool

Hilarious skit performed for our Homeschool Support Group Kick Off meeting

Duration : 0:5:41

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Homeschooling Speech

Jordan gives a speech to a homeschool group about homeschooling

Duration : 0:10:2

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Math, Mortensen Math, David Cook Real Love Song, Jazz Math, Arithmetic, Homeschool, Curriculum,1

MortensenMathDirect.com, MortensenMathDirect.tv, MortensenMath.tv, present, in conjunction with Mortensen Math, Jazz Math, and David Cook Real Love Song. Teaching or learning math can be fun and easy. Using math manipulatives for 25 years. STARRING “the GREEN one” in “WANT TO BE A TEN” with Ben Rogers, Mortensen Math Master Trainer. Copyright 2006-2010 Reel Love Song Media, Hollywood CA.

Duration : 0:10:16

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The Funnest Homeschool Curriculum On The Planet

Find out why eFantasmic is THE funnest curriculum, and why children love it.

Duration : 0:5:6

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Annoying Homeschool Questions

*watch in high quality…..or not*
These are the usual questions people bombard me with when I tell them that I’m homeschooled.
1. Do you have any friends?
2. How do you meet people?
3 Are you socially challenged?
4. Do you get to eat whenever and wherever you want?
5. Do you get to sleep late?
6. Do you do school in your pajamas?
7. Do you have homework, grades, and tests?
8. Do you have prom?
9. How do you graduate?
10. Do you get to go to college?
11. Who teaches you?

Song in background: Light My Fire
Artist: The Doors

Duration : 0:4:47

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Internet Marketing Training, Homeschool Curriculum and Junie B Jones?


ShellyB’s daughter, The Biz Kid, makes her video debut in this reading of Junie B. Jones and some Sneaky Peeky Spying!

With the help of the internet marketing training found in both The Rec-Room and Renegade Professional, ShellyB and The Biz Kid have put together a homeschool curriculum that will not only teach the basics of “reading, writing and arithmetic” but entrepreneurship and financial planning that would make Robert Kiyosaki proud.

See more of The Biz Kid’s work at http://www.My-School-Time.com

Duration : 0:8:20

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Magic Light at Alamanda Putrajaya (LittleKittle Homeschool)

Illusionist boy: KiruaMi-cHan (5 and 1/2 years old) and charmer girls: ReiHi-cHan (3 and 1/2 years old), YunaFi-cHan (2 and 1/2 years old) & HidE-cHan (14 months old) *homeschooled baby, toddlers & preschooler* playing gleefully with “magic light” at Alamanda, Putrajaya.

Please read more @ www.littlekittle.com ; Malaysia Homeschool Family
Do view our old channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/forwhat84
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Thank You ^-^

Duration : 0:1:31

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Homeschool: Taoist Vedic Math Tricks. How to do Long Division

http://journik.com For Home Schooling! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PL18uYK74eY see1st! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtXbJRGeePw Homeschool

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVUYnS9lIds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nU_ydqsNA9Y for Home Schooling!

How to do Taoist Vedic Mathematics. How to do Long Division in you Head… math tricks

Duration : 0:2:5

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Anti Social: A comedy of Homeschoolers

When Grant gets an instant message from a girl, Jonathan and Gary try to help him respond… Unfortunately, homeschooled boys have no experience in handling women.

Be sure to check out the Anti-Social Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=54542369168&ref=ts

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Paperclip_Films

Duration : 0:3:24

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