Reading a Gift for All Seasons

Couth Buzzard BooksThe term “Summer Reading Program” always make me chuckle. As an affirmed bibliophile I can’t imagine any season that shouldn’t be full of reading. Books have been my life-long friends. I can’t remember not being able to read and can’t imagine what life would be like without my daily reading fix.

However, for many people reading is a chore that you do because you “have to” while you’re in school. And this chore can be tossed out the window once you’ve graduated. For many, reading is something that you do for practical purposes and never for simple enjoyment. How sad. I personally don’t like “Summer Reading” programs because it sounds like a homework assignment. Yuck! Reading should never be a chore, but a grand adventure to undiscovered destinations.

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Freebies Alert (Yea!)

I don’t know if you’re familiar with Connect the Thoughts or 1st Step not, but they are a curriculum company that really works on developing critical thinking skills for children and adults alike.  I’ve purchased a few of their courses (see the list below) over the past two years and have been quite pleased with them.

  • Connect the Thoughts – How To Do Research,
  • Connect the Thoughts – You or Them — Control Over Your Life
  • Connect the Thoughts Basics Course – Information, Right or Wrong [Read more…]

Guardian Angel Publishing: Beautiful Books with a Purpose

Guardian Angel Publishing releases wonderful stories and educational books complete with beautiful illlustrations for the whole family. As part of this review I received Stubby’s Destiny, Earthquake and NO BONES ABOUT IT! The Sum of Our Parts Series to read and use with my girls.

The beautifully delicate illustrations of Stubby’s Destiny captured us immediately. The story has a Christian theme, but is the story’s message is appropriate for people of all faiths. The overall theme is that each person has a personal path, or destiny if you will, to follow. It encourages using our individual strengths and talents to lead us to our own personal greatness.  When you combine the message with the lovely illustrations it is not surprising that this book is an award-winning one.

The book, NO BONES ABOUT IT! The Sum of Our Parts Series, is very well written and informative.  My children’s reaction to the material was surprisingly different. My oldest girl absolutely wanted nothing to do with the book.  She’s a “spooky” child and had troubles getting around the illustrations. They are very life-like and really disturbed her. So, if you have an easily spooked child I would recommend just reading the information to her and keeping the pictures out of sight.  Now, my youngest daughter absolutely LOVED the illustrations. She spent an enormous amount of time checking the book and herself to make sure that she possessed all of the bones that were laid out in our study.  It’s one of her favorite books, not only learning about her body but for torturing her big sister. I personally found the subject matter very well-written, easy to understand and a bit humorous (no pun intended).

The book Earthquake was a well received by my nine year old. She got to read it before me and was truly fascinated by all of the geological facts and pictures. After I assured her that Pennsylvania isn’t earthquake country (she was beginning to collect the emergency gear that was described in the book) she really started to enjoy it.  My little girl wasn’t as interested in this one, but I guess at six the earth’s crust isn’t nearly as interesting as femurs and phalanges.

Although I received these books in e-book form, Guardian Angel Publishing also makes print paperback, CDs and DVDs. All of their wares are on sale both through their website ( and Amazon.  They also provide readers with free ebooks and coloring pages from their book collection. The best thing about Guardian Angel Publishing is that each of their publications is a wholesome addition to any family library.

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