Fit Mommy Friday – Week 7

Vegan banana chocolate chip muffinsWow! I’ve made it to Week 7! This week has been kind of eventful on the health front. I did very well at the beginning of the week. It was FREEZING in Pennsylvania  and exercise was definitely a great way to warm up. I had cut back to 32 minutes a day (that’s how long my yoga routine generally takes on Wii Fit) but by Wednesday was back to my hour of exercise (aerobic and yoga).  Then the heatwave came through and besides light yoga I haven’t had the inclination to exercise anymore than walking through flea markets and on the beach with my children.

Heat has never really bothered me before, but I can see that this year I’ll be spending a lot of time poolside if I am going to workout with any frequency. It’s either that or exercise at 3 in the morning … which just might be an idea because that really cuts down on the possibility of someone saying “Mommy!” while I’m attempting to breathe and maintain a challenging yoga pose! [Read more…]

Fit Mommy Friday – Week 2

Well, I am very pleased with myself. I lost 1.1 pounds this week and exercised 6 days straight! Yeah me! And best of all I am once again the reigning Snowball Champion on Wii Fit Plus! My 10-year displaced me for a few days, but I am BACK!   I’m also the Free Step Champion as well. (She holds the crown for tight-rope walking.) This week I’m really sore from all the exercise, but I hope that it’ll get better as I continue.

My biggest challenges are about eating every three hours. The last time I started losing weight, eating every two to three hours had me dropping weight without exercise. So I’d like to see how well I’d do if I combined the two. Unfortunately I’m crazy busy until May and I forget to go get a snack at the appropriate time. I’m wondering if I need to get a timer for my computer (since that’s what I’m usually working on) to remind me. If anyone knows of a handy gizmo for the desktop I’d really appreciate it.

Well, I guess that wraps up this week in a nutshell. Today was also field trip day and I’m pooped.  See you next week!

Fit Mommy Friday & Me

Michael Eating Ice CreamOkay, Denise at Got Chai? has inspired me to take my fitness goals public so every Friday from this day forward I will be confessing my eating sins, exercise triumphs and whatever else pops into my little mind.  My ultimate goal is to lose about 50 pounds since that will get me well out of the danger range for Type II diabetes which does run in my family.

Since my three children assisted in adding the extra 50 pounds they are also part of my fitness plan. I got Wii Fit back in December and we’ve been using it on an almost daily basis. I, however was taking the easy way out until a couple of weeks ago. What’s the easy way out? Well, with Wii Fit your time goal is just 30  minutes and you can set how many calories you want to burn. So being lazy economical with my time and energy I did the bare minimum. I did a couple of yoga exercises and then played games like Snowball Fight (I am the Champion thank you very much) and other calorie burning, but very easy exercises.

But three weeks ago I stopped fooling around and added boxing, step aerobics, hula hooping, as well as a full 30 minutes of yoga. And low and behold I’ve lost a pound a week (so I’m down 3 pounds!) I am now working out for at least an hour a day which is challenging, not from a physical standpoint, but from a mental one. You see I live with saboteurs — one short one and two furry ones. They’re all cute, but dangerous.

Saboteur #1 is my three year old son Michael who you see in the corner is determined to either have me trip over him or his toys while I work out. If I’m doing step, he finds it necessary to circle me in ever shrinking circles until I step on him. At which point he goes into his death throes and other theatrics.

Now, once he’s tired of that he leaves and sends in his henchmen, my golden retriever named Candy and our resident panther, Diamond. Saboteur #2 (also known as Diamond) wants to rub my legs, walk in between my feet and plop down on the floor to be petted as he swishes his long tail back and forth daring me to step on it.  After about 5 minutes of this I call his “mama” Alaya and have her remove the fickle feline. Of course he comes back until I threaten to shoot him with my water pistol. (He hates water … lucky me!)

Once Candy (Saboteur #3) sees that the cat is out of the way she decides to do her rolling over, puppy dog sad eyed look of “rub my belly” act. So I give her a dirty look and she looks all sad like I kicked her. Then she’ll go directly behind where I’m working out at to lie down and lick her wounded feelings.  And for the rest of my exercising time she’ll make sure she’s somewhere inconvenient for whatever exercise I’m attempting.  But now Spring is here and I kick the lot of them out of the house.  (hee hee evil laugh)

The good thing is that the girls want me to succeed in my goals and will take the little trio outside and away from me for my 30 minute yoga exercises. Now my question is, with all the shooing and fussing and moving people and animals around, don’t you think I should get some extra calorie points? I mean it’s only fair … why all mothers aren’t size 0 is beyond me with all the running around we do all day, but I’ll save that rant for another week.

Fit Mommy Friday here I come!

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