Math, Mortensen Math, David Cook Real Love Song, Jazz Math, Arithmetic, Homeschool, Curriculum,1,,, present, in conjunction with Mortensen Math, Jazz Math, and David Cook Real Love Song. Teaching or learning math can be fun and easy. Using math manipulatives for 25 years. STARRING “the GREEN one” in “WANT TO BE A TEN” with Ben Rogers, Mortensen Math Master Trainer. Copyright 2006-2010 Reel Love Song Media, Hollywood CA.

Duration : 0:10:16

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The Funnest Homeschool Curriculum On The Planet

Find out why eFantasmic is THE funnest curriculum, and why children love it.

Duration : 0:5:6

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Internet Marketing Training, Homeschool Curriculum and Junie B Jones?

ShellyB’s daughter, The Biz Kid, makes her video debut in this reading of Junie B. Jones and some Sneaky Peeky Spying!

With the help of the internet marketing training found in both The Rec-Room and Renegade Professional, ShellyB and The Biz Kid have put together a homeschool curriculum that will not only teach the basics of “reading, writing and arithmetic” but entrepreneurship and financial planning that would make Robert Kiyosaki proud.

See more of The Biz Kid’s work at

Duration : 0:8:20

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How to Homeschool Your Child : Choosing a Home school Curriculum: Part 1

Teach your children from home; learn how to select a home school curriculum in this free video on homeschooling your child.

Expert: Sharon Wilharm
Bio: Sharon Wilharm is an experienced home teacher, and she has written homeschool curriculums that are available to the public.
Filmmaker: Fred Wilharm

Duration : 0:2:3

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Home School Curriculum: Geography : Teaching Method for Home Schooling

Learn about teaching methods for home schooling with expert tips from an experienced teacher and home school authority in this free homeschooling video clip.

Expert: Jennifer Miller
Bio: Jennifer Miller has a degree in elementary education and has worked extensively within the home school community. She provides educational consulting, evaluations, and educational plans.
Filmmaker: Bryan Powers

Duration : 0:1:59

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Curriculum 2.0

Technology is a powerful tool that can help and enhance learning. Everyday we see technology used as a tool outside of formal schooling for communication, collaboration, understanding, and accessing knowledge. It is our goal in developing an integrated curriculum to ensure that the way students learn with technology agrees with the way they live with technology. Technology is in a constant state of evolution and change. Access speeds, hardware, software, and computer capabilities all evolve and improve on a monthly basis. This change occurs at a rate at which it is impossible for schools to keep up and adapt. Is it not time that we create a curriculum model that understands and this fact and works with it rather than tries to control it?

This is Curriculum 2.0

Duration : 0:1:3

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