Mia Quinn Returns in “A Lethal Beauty”

A Lethal Beauty is the third installment of Lis Wiehl's Mia Quinn series. To recap, Mia is a suddenly single mom whose husband died in a car crash. In … [Continue reading]

Review: Palace of Darkness – A Novel of Petra

Palace of Darkness by Tracy Higley lives up to all of her previous novels. I received this book a few days before my mother ended her earthly journey, … [Continue reading]

StoryBoom: Creativity Unleashed

This review was written with the help of an expert -- my 11 year old daughter -- who field tested it using her creativity. As a homeschooler, when we … [Continue reading]

Storm Siren: Review

Storm Siren is just awesome! Mary Weber had me hooked on the very first page. This is the story of Nym, a young storm elemental whose unpredictable … [Continue reading]

A Deadly Business: A Mia Quinn Mystery

A Deadly Business

A Deadly Business is the sequel to A Matter of Trust (another excellent book). This story continues as she struggles to keep all of the balls of … [Continue reading]

Review: Riley Mae and the Ready Eddy Rapids

Riley Mae and the Ready Eddy Rapids

This review was written by my 14-year old daughter. Know what that means?  I won! No, really I did.  You see, when I read the first Riley Mae novel I … [Continue reading]

Riley Mae is a Pretty Cool Kid

Always on the lookout for books for the children, I was happy to review this book for Book Look Bloggers. My eldest is always on the lookout for … [Continue reading]

Murder Simply Brewed – A Review

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this book. I have seen the various Amish-related mystery/romance books, but none of them caught my … [Continue reading]

Pups of the Spirit: A Review

Pups in the Spirit is a fun-loving, whimsical way to help children to remember the Fruits of God's Spirit as spoken about in Galatians 5:22, 23.  This … [Continue reading]

Financial Fasting

The 21-Day Financial Fast is a book which I received from Booksneeze in return for my honest opinion of its content. No other compensation was … [Continue reading]

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