Super Genius: Great Learning Card Games for Kids

Super Genius Series by BlueOrangeI received the Super Genius collection so my review is an overview of the entire collection. There were three reading levels as well as addition and subtraction.

The First Words reading cards focus on single short-vowel words. Level One steps up the reading level quite a bit by adding in words with blends (e.g., sh, ck, etc.) and long vowel words. Level Two reading cards focuses on the seemingly irregular words such as night, school, picture, etc.

The math cards focused on multiplication tables from 2 to 5. The addition cards focus was on math facts from 1 to 20.

The game allows the child/parent to work cooperatively as well as in competition. I really like the way that there are multiple matches for each card. My son has a reading disability and gets frustrated when we’re working with words.

The fact that he could find the word in question on different cards  made it easier for him and he began to relax. And the more he relaxed the better he did. I chose the cooperative games with him because it takes him longer to sound out the words, but my older children enjoyed the speed sessions with both the math and reading. It’s a great product to encourage retention and confidence.

I do have one word of caution. Children with auditory processing issues (like my son) still need a comprehensive language program such as “The Logic of English” to teach them the rules that they need to excel with their reading and spelling. These reading cards are great ways to reinforce the words that you’re working on and make reading fun.The math cards were fine — great ways to reinforce math facts for kids.

Overall I think that these flash card/learning game can be a great asset to young learners. The cards are bright and fun to look at. And although there are lots of things to choose from, it’s very easy to find the target words and numbers. I plan to put these cards through their paces as my son continues his journey to being an independent reader. The math cards are also wonderful reinforcement tools for those early math facts. Great idea and products.

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