The Watchers: Knight of Light

The Watchers is an exciting new series written by Deidra Eden. The first book – Knight of Light – is a great lead-in for the rest of the six book series. It was a quick but engaging read that I really enjoyed. I was shocked when I came to the end of this installment — where were the rest of the page?? Yes, I was that engrossed in the story. I finished the book the same day I received it.

The book is set in England in 1270 A.D. where we meet the heroine, a young lady named Auriella. (You can see the trailer here.) The story is a quick starter — crisis and flight which later leads us to many unexpected places while Auriella struggles to learn and accept her identity. Her struggles are very easy to relate to since we have all gone through that period of questioning that is a primary component of  adolescence. Auriella has some unique challenges, but the feelings still correlate.

I really enjoyed the by play of Auriella’s companions: a dwarf named Rupert, and a pixie named Cassi. It seems that pixies and fairies aren’t on friendly terms with the dwarves, but Cassi doesn’t care. She spends much of the story pestering poor Rupert, who despite all of his grumblings develops a warm relationship with Cassi.  They become the family that Auriella didn’t have and are stalwart companions on her journey.

As a YA book, of course there is a romance, but I really liked how the author handled it. It was age appropriate for Auriella and her noble suitor. And it was very sweet with a refreshing innocence lacking in many YA romance books. Speaking of which, in general the book is very tastefully done even during the suspenseful portions. The lack of gore is very appreciated by this reader. This book is recommended for the 9-12 year old readership, but I think teens will also enjoy it.

So, overall, this book was a five star experience that I recommend to anyone looking for some wholesome excitement. I can’t wait to get my hands on Book Two!


*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through the Tomoson blogging program in exchange for my honest review, which I have given.*

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