Prison … That’s What it Felt Like

PoisonI really, really tried to like Prison.  I don’t enjoy writing bad reviews, and if I wasn’t a BookLook Blogger, I would have skipped doing one all together. Alas, fate has decreed otherwise so here goes.

Book Description from the Publisher – Sonja Grey, a narcotics detective, and her nemesis, Max Trent, are handpicked to go undercover to capture a thug—Johnny Stone, aka Rock—who’s dealing drugs at Sonja’s church. Their operation is unwittingly aided by the interference of Sonja’s eccentric aunties. For Max, this assignment has two objectives: get their villain and capture Sonja’s heart. Will Sonja break free of the shackles of her past and embrace Max’s love, or will they be destroyed by danger?

Okay, I’m not a big romance book person, but since there was a mystery/thriller element involved I thought that I would be okay. I even maintained hope though the first half of the book, but in the end of I was aggravated and disappointed.

The author, Toni V. Lee, spent a lot of time in the heads of Sonja Grey and Max Trent and it was annoying. If I had to read one more time about the physical attributes of Max and “why does he have to look so good?” I was going to scream. Max’s inner dialogue was less objectionable, but come on how much time do we need to know what he’s thinking? He loves Sonja, he doesn’t want to dishonor her, but wants her to see him as a person and not as a stereotype. Got it, can we move on now?

One thing I did like was the title. Throughout the book, the author showed us the many ways that we imprison ourselves, whether in a misguided attempt to “get what we deserve” or to protect a tender heart. The shackles that we place upon ourselves, or allow others to place upon us, can have devastating repercussions for ourselves and others. The theme came through loud and clear for me and I appreciate the importance of remembering that.

Overall, I struggled to finish this book and didn’t enjoy it very much at all.

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