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Can you homeschool your child while receiving a veterans pension check?

I recieve a check from the VA and I want to homeschool my child. Would it affect my Check that I recieve if I homeschool her?

It is perfectly legal to homeschool, I don’t see why you should have a problem. And if you did, I would pitch a fit, because that’s ridiculous! Maybe try an umbrella school? That’s where your child will be enrolled as in private school instead of as a homeschooler officially. And the umbrella school covers you, you just have to send them attendance info. Try
Some umbrella schools charge, but this one is free. Send them an email, they will tell you how it works! Good luck. 🙂

where do i get a 9th grade homeschooling curriculum?

just starting out homeschooling and need good sites to get a full set of the nineth grade cirriculem includind all subjects and quality matters but so does the price tag anyone being homeschooled or homeschooling please send me some info about watever you may know even the little dumb unrecogniseable stuff and what about testing?where do i go?these places must be lagit.

Here are a few places to get you started –

A Beka Homeschool:
Bob Jones Univ. Press:
Alpha Omega (Switched-On Schoolhouse and LifePacs):

A Beka Academy:
Bob Jones HomeSat:
Penn Foster:
Robinson Curriculum:

I have very limited experience with these sources, so I can’t recommend any of them. I’m just throwing them out for you to research. Best wishes!

And as for testing, we go through Bob Jones Univ. Press and use the ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills). They also offer the SAT (Stanford Achievement Test, not the college one).


Mike Huckabee talks about homeschooling

Duration : 0:7:22

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How to Homeschool Your Child : Is Home Schooling a Good Idea?

Teach your children from home; learn what factors to consider when deciding whether to home school and if it is a good idea for you and your child in this free video on homeschooling your child.

Expert: Sharon Wilharm
Bio: Sharon Wilharm is an experienced home teacher, and she has written homeschool curriculums that are available to the public.
Filmmaker: Fred Wilharm

Duration : 0:1:3

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Math, Mortensen Math, David Cook Real Love Song, Jazz Math, Arithmetic, Homeschool, Curriculum,1,,, present, in conjunction with Mortensen Math, Jazz Math, and David Cook Real Love Song. Teaching or learning math can be fun and easy. Using math manipulatives for 25 years. STARRING “the GREEN one” in “WANT TO BE A TEN” with Ben Rogers, Mortensen Math Master Trainer. Copyright 2006-2010 Reel Love Song Media, Hollywood CA.

Duration : 0:10:16

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How do I homeschool my 6yr old as we travel up the coast of Australia?

We are travelling up the coast of Australia from Sydney in a boat. I need to know the best way to educate my 6yr old, best way to homeschool, over the internet or correspondance?
How do I do it? Can anybody help? Has anybody done it?

I am going to guess that you have not already been homeschooling. One approach…especially since your child is so young is to unschool and enjoy your surroundings. What a fabulous education just learning about all there is to learn about Australia. I would focus on that and just "live" the whole experience. I have a 5.5 year old and started this year trying to do "school" at home and found us both very frustrated. I talked with lots of HS parents and did lots of research and although I don’t like the word "unschool" basically that is what we do. Type in "unschooling" into google and you will find several sites that have lots of info on how to go about it and how it works. Enjoy your trip and don’t stress over your childs education when you are going to have the educational experience of a lifetime.

what is a good homeschooling curriculum for 8th grade?

i need to change my curriculum for 8th grade and i can’t find one! any suggestions?
for "cool fridge" i am sorry i did not explain very well i am looking for really anything i am currently in seton. i really did not like it so i get to choose. i am intrested in anything and i am a catholic. thank you!

You could try Charity Christian Academy. If you don’t care for the basic curriculum ask about the available options for each subject area, usually there is something available that will fit nearly everyone’s budget and learning style.

Myths About Homeschoolers

Me and Rach sit down to discuss some common myths about homeschoolers.

Duration : 0:4:43

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If i have chosen to homeschool what age should I start homeschooling?

I have told my ex wife that I will homeschool our 3 year old to save money. Normally school is at age 4 but what age should homeschool start?
Also does anyone know if there is state-money available for doing this?

I would recommend YOU don’t home school anyone.

FYI: See Paul B’s previous question reg. smoking…troll

What are good online curriculum homeschooling companies?

My child is in 7th grade and she is in a normal classroom and I am exploring the idea of homeschooling her. Are there any great online curriculum companies that I can purchase programs from for my child. We are NOT wealthy.

I answered a similar question earlier this morning. Here is my "cut and paste":

Here are some great places for curriculum:

Rainbow Resource Center (they’re catalog is 3 inches thick, with very fine print! They have Christian and Secular items:

Christian Book Distributors (mostly Christian, some secular):

Library and Educational Services (sells wholesale to HS’ers -has mostly Christian but a lot of secular also):

For used items:
Ebay (you’ll drown in all that’s available! You cannot purchase teacher’s guides there.)

Homeschool Buy (you can purchase teacher’s guides):


Paperback Swap (everything is FREE with credits…I just rec’d a $120 text!!):

There are many, many others. You want to find out you and/or your child’s learning style before deciding on curriculum. You should attend a HS’ing convention to see the vendor halls and all that is available.
Oh, and check out The Homeschool Buyers Co-op. They have GREAT deals and lots of info on their site. It’s free to join:

EDITED TO ADD: Why would someone give a "thumbs down" for this answer? It makes no sense.

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