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Rock Key

On this cloudy Sunday my family and I were busy being rock detectives. We discovered a rock that was black and fuzzy. Although, at this time, we still haven’t discovered its name, we did come across a great website that helps children to identify what types of rocks they’ve found by answering a few questions.


Rock Key

A safe and kid friendly website

I’ve just signed my daughter up for Kidzui and she absolutely loves it. A few months ago I saw an advertisement for it on the internet and took a look. At the time there was a mandatory membership fee, and being a parent I like to see the number zero immediately following the dollar sign. So, I bookmarked it, but didn’t go any further with it.

Well today I got notification that the basic membership is free with the ability to upgrade if we want to later on. So, Jade and I signed up and she’s been busy ever since. I love their signup process — you create an avatar, clothe them and then pick the name. You have full creative license with the avatar since they give you the complete color palette to create realistic (or alien) coloration for your avatar.

So, if you have young ones that you want to protect from the internet predators and other sickos that lurk about, you should definitely consider Kidzui. The websites and content were chosen and moderated by a panel of teachers and parents to ensure that the kids are able to get to the cool sites without treading into dangerous territory.

Anyway, here’s the website address — And here’s a part of the email I received with the link to their interview on NBC:

“We were on the Today Show on 6/4 (see story: and announced our basic home version of KidZui is now totally free.”

Yea Free!

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